How to Look Perfect on Beam

Want to look your best while connecting to a Beam at your workplace, on stage, or while visiting family with your new Beam+? Before you start, make sure your computer is hard-wired into an ethernet port to assure you have excellent connectivity. Read more about Beam network requirements.

Step 1: Allocate a 6ft x 8ft area for your computer setup.


Step 2: Mind your background, select a solid-colored wall (with a single piece of wall art). If using a backdrop, place the desk and easel 4ft apart, so the backdrop fills the entire video frame on the Beam application. DO NOT sit in front of a window (have lighting on your face instead of behind you).


Step 3: Place the monitor at the rear edge of the table, and place the keyboard at the front edge of the table, so your eyes appear as if you are looking straight into the webcam (although you are actually looking at Beam application).


Step 4: Position a LED light so it parallels the top of the monitor and the light points at your face.


Step 5: Place the microphone toward the front edge of the table and keep it as close to your chin as possible while keeping it out of view of your webcam.


Step 6: Position the Beam application window center shrunk to its smallest size underneath the webcam, at the top of the screen, and use the screen real-estate in the bottom half for other browser windows.


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