SXSW Session: With Beam, People with Disabilities Can "Be There" Too

You voted and we made the cut. On March 16th, we’ll be presenting at SXSW and we’d love for you to join us. Join Erin Rapacki (of Suitable Technologies), Henry Evans and Kavita Krishnaswamy as they answer the question “How can the digital world help people with disabilities lead more fulfilling lives?” Henry and Kavita will beam in from their respective homes in California and Maryland to present their case for assistive technologies. Read on to find out more.

Who is Henry Evans? Henry Evans, a home-bound and mute quadriplegic, uses the company’s BeamPro to “walk again.” Henry is a huge proponent of #assistivetechnologies and was recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning News using the #BeamPro to tour museums around the US. Watch it here.

Who is Kavita Krishnaswamy? Kavita uses BeamPro to reduce the physical limits of her spinal muscular atrophy. Kavita has been beaming into conferences and events – most recently having used the technology to beam in at Mobile World Congress and the CES Lifelong Tech Summit. Watch here as she defends her thesis at the University of Maryland via Beam. What are the details?


Session: People with Disabilities Can "Be There" Too Monday, March 16 11:00AM - 12:00PM Austin Convention Center Room 12AB