Meet the Beam Team at CES 2015!

SuitableTech_hi-resB-2014Oct3 Suitable Technologies at CES 2015! (Booth #30869, LVCC South Hall 2nd Floor)

Suitable Technologies develops BeamPro and Beam+: Smart Presence technology products that combine mobility and video conferencing to enable users to move about, speak, see and interact with friends and family - regardless of their location. Our mission is to give people of the world broader access to each other through face-to-face interaction.

to Kickoff CES! Will.I.Am beamed in for 3DSystems' press event. william

Beam+, first public glimpse at CES 2015! Beam+ is a Smart Presence System ideal for those who are away from home or live far away from their friends and family. Simply set up Beam+ at home, or in your desired location and beam in from anywhere to instantly see, hear and connect with those you care about. You can find more information about the technology of Beam+ HERE.

Features Include// - Two 640x480 HDR cameras (with 30 frames-per-second video) - 4-microphone array that cancels echo and reduces background noise - 10” LCD screen, and a high-quality audio that allows you to see and be seen, hear and be heard, from anywhere - Beam+ is priced at $1995, we are taking orders - Battery life: 2 hours of active use

We are taking orders for Beam+ at


The Remote Workforce Booth Booth #30869 LVCC South Halls 3-4, Upper Level - At the only booth run completely by machines, don’t miss the debut of one of the biggest products at the show: the “MEGA Beam!” MEGA Beam is an 18-foot tall working replica of the company’s Beam+ product. - Suitable Tech will also host tours for visitors allowing them to beam into multiple museums including The Detroit Institute of Arts (Diego Rivera's painting "Detroit Industry), The Computer History Museum (see Google's self driving car) and The Seattle Art Museum.


Featured session "Lifelong Tech Panel" January 6 at 9:00 a.m. PT @ Bellini 2106 in The Venetian Join us as Kavita Krishnaswamy beams in on stage for the opening session of the Lifelong Tech Summit. The panel will discuss assistive technologies such as Beams and robots. Kavita has spinal muscular atrophy and has been beaming into conferences and events – most recently having used the technology to beam in to present her thesis at University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


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