Speakers & Attendees beam into Conferences around the World

Countless people beamed into events over the past week. BeamPro was made available to attendees at the: - World Economic Forum: Tianjin, China - External Developer Summit (XDS): Vancouver, Canada - CTIA Super Mobility Week: Las Vegas, NV - UbiComp: Seattle, WA

"The External Developer Summit (XDS) had 400 attendees from the games industry, it was fantastic to have the BeamPro on-site to bring a presenter on stage from Belarus who would otherwise have not been able to attend."

- Chris Wren, Chair XDS Advisory Committee

"Ubicomp is the premier international conference focused on the design and exploration of technologies of the future. Researchers pride themselves on inventing the future and presenting it at the conference. Beams were an instantiation of just that at Ubicomp - the future of conference attendance. Our use of Beams gave new opportunities to people who could not easily attend Ubicomp in person. Some had accessibility challenges and reduced mobility. They told us that the Beams were empowering and a game-changer when it came to interacting and engaging with others. Others could not attend in person because of travel restrictions including a the birth of a new child, limited funds, or limited time to travel; again, the Beams opened up new opportunities to network and learn about the latest in technology advancements through remote attendance.

One of our remote attendees suffered from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, confining her to a bed and wheelchair on a daily basis and limiting her attendance at university to be via Skype only. She described her use of the Beams as a priceless opportunity and a life-changing experience. Before Ubicomp, it has been a dream for her to attend a conference like it. Beams turned that dream into a reality."

- Carman Neustaedter, Simon Fraser University

Remember, speakers and attendees can join a conference or show anywhere an internet connection is available. Contact us to inquire about BeamPro for your next event: https://www.suitabletech.com/contact/