Beam takes the Stage!

Beam takes the stage! Conference organizers are beaming speakers into events and panel discussions. Watch interesting talks below with topics ranging from Ocean Conservation, Tele-Tourism, Thorium Reactors, and Paleontology; all talks delivered via BeamPro.

Make the World Accessible with Tele-Tourism By Henry Evans


Henry Evans is a pioneer in adaptive robotic technology to help him, and other disabled people like him, navigate the world. Henry uses Beam Smart Presence for his talk at the Aspen Ideas Festival.


Thorium Cycle Patent Holder on the Future of Energy By Roland Kupers


Roland Kupers, physicist and former Shell Oil executive, beams in from the Netherlands for an interview on "The Science Table."


Solutions for an Endangered Humanity By Rob Stewart


Rob Stewart, an award-winning biologist, photographer, conservationist, and filmmaker; uses Beam Smart Presence for his talk at Ideacity.


Bringing Back the Passenger Pigeon By Ben Novak


Ben Novak, a specialist in paleontology, genetics, ecology, and ornithology; gives his Ideacity talk on “The Great Comeback,” a project to bring the extinct passenger pigeon back to life.


Interested in beaming in an event speaker or guest? Lease a BeamPro and our support team will go the extra mile to assure your WiFi connection on stage works perfectly. Please contact us with questions.