Enterprise Connect 2014

Beam went coast to coast last week at Enterprise Connect in Orlando, Florida; a conference focused on connecting people in the workplace. For three days, our team beamed in from Palo Alto, California and Kansas City, Missouri, joining Greg and Erin on the conference floor. As the conference got underway and the tech-savvy crowd filed through the doors, our team noticed something different from previous conventions... more people than ever knew about Beam and smart presence technology! We enjoyed fun and informative conversations with Enterprise Connect attendees. We explained how Beam recreates the “human experience”, facilitating face-to-face conversations for those unable to be present.

As day two of Enterprise Connect came to an end, we realized that a trip to Orlando wouldn't be complete without visiting Disney World. Thanks to the 4G compatibilities of BeamPro, Emily and Cameron Beamed in around Downtown Disney. Once they arrived at DisneyWorld, they were greeted by a plethora of astonished children and parents. It only took minutes before Cameron and Emily felt like celebrities, taking pictures with the intrigued crowd and showcasing the benefits of Beam.

Enterprise Connect was not only an awesome trip, but also a reminder that our smart presence technology is continuing to become prominent everyday. Here at Suitable  Technologies, we are happy to be leaders and innovators in this exciting and rapidly evolving realm.

'Til next time, Orlando!