Beam at Abundance 360 Summit

Last Thursday, our friend Peter Diamandis brought two Beam Pros to the Abundance 360 Summit at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. There were more than 150 business owners in attendance who saw and experienced BeamPro in action.

Abundance 360 is a program presented in partnership with Peter Diamandis' other organizations: Singularity University and XPRIZE. As noted by Marissa Brassfield from PHD Ventures, the Strategic Coach and Genius Network Mastermind also played a key role in event logistics and content mentorship.

Peter Diamandis first beamed into CES in Las Vegas, where he was greeted by Scott and Erin from Suitable. Upon arrival, Peter was given a tour of our booth space and was able to participate in the conference remotely. Later in the day, two of our team members visited Peter in Marina Del Rey where they discussed BeamPro and the possibilities it can create for businesses. We are very grateful that Peter and his team were able to showcase our technology and allow attendees to operate the device themselves.

Thanks for having us Peter, Marissa, and Cody!