Suitable Tech at CES 2014

Last week, Suitable Technologies kicked off the New Year in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. In case you missed it, here's the inside scoop of how Suitable does CES: Pre-CES

If you've been to CES, you know that the chaos begins months prior to the show's opening. As an exhibitor, logistics can turn into a nightmare. There are so many factors that influence the booth coming to life. With the help of BeamPro, Allan from Suitable Tech was able to visit the Las Vegas Convention Center from California to help the assembly team there construct our booth. When the morning of January 7th came around, our team was able to walk onto the show floor with full confidence that everything was ready to go.


On the Floor

Flights and hotels for CES in Las Vegas are booked up to 8 months in advance, and as the show nears, it's difficult to find an empty room and an open seat. Luckily, flights and hotels were of no concern for the majority of the Suitable team. While many companies were able to send only a few members to CES, Suitable Tech was able to have an additional 10 team members staffing the booth remotely from our offices in California and Kansas City.

Chris (Palo Alto) & Summer (Kansas City)


Press interviews: remote presence style.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response from CES attendees. Our booth was buzzing with activity, and even mixed martial artist Rampage Jackson stopped by to check out BeamPro.



During CES, we allocated one of our Beams for visitors. With Beam, Kashmir Hill from was able to attend CES from her kitchen in San Francisco. You can read her account of the experience on

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 6.43.44 PM

Peter Diamandis beaming into CES on our visitor Beam.

The team from CNET also had a chance to try BeamPro. We were thrilled to be included in one of their Top Gadgets and Stories segments for CES 2014. BeamPro is featured at the 10:20 mark in this video.


We love the innovative spirit of CES, so it was awesome to see what other exhibitors were up to on the show floor.



Remote presence has its perks. By day two of the show, many attendees begin to feel the physical wrath of CES. Being on your feet all day takes a toll on the body. BeamPro enabled our team members to feel well rested at the end of each day, and maintain high energy for the duration of the conference.

...but that doesn't mean we didn't have any fun. After all, CES is in Vegas.

Takin' it to the Streets

As the clock struck 6:00pm and the show floor began to shut down, we popped in our 4G cards to hit the streets of Las Vegas. Attending remotely doesn't mean you miss out on the fun!

Heading into REVOLUTION at The Mirage.

You can't go to Vegas without watching the water show at Bellagio.


Hanging out with a group of friends after hours. We are so excited that Rockhouse at The Venetian officially has two Beams!