April Fool's Shenanigans

by Emily, Guest Writer

Jeremy, one of our software engineers, has been in Colorado for the past three weeks visiting family, but he still worked everyday via Beam in our Palo Alto office. Jeremy told everyone at Suitable Tech that he’d be back in the office on April 1st.

Practically begging for a prank, the team set out to plot some hilarious office antics for their returning coworker. The jello keyboard and mouse was definitely a delicious must-have along with the seasonal grass and Easter eggs filled with chocolate caramels. As for the toy dinos, those were a reference to Jeremy’s new Paleo diet and his large collection of dinosaur t-shirts. Come Monday morning, Jeremy decided to beam into the office, only to see the snickering faces of his coworkers and his decked-out desk. Jeremy came in later that day because, “Typing on a jello keyboard is such rare experience. I just had to come in person to do it since Beam doesn’t have that type of feature yet.” Everyone at the office loved the joke and enjoyed the late Easter treats.