Behind the scenes with Ben, our new Creative Director

To some, Beam’s use is limited to jobs that already lend themselves to telecommuting--like software engineering (hey, it’s how we started!)--but one of the rewarding things we’ve found about using Beam is discovering new ways that team members in more dynamic, “hands on” roles have been able to use it to work remotely. 

Meet Ben, our new Creative Director. He Beams in every day from Detroit, MI to work with us here in Palo Alto, CA. One of his goals is to more beautifully communicate Beam’s compelling value. With Beam, Ben is able to effectively direct a shoot from his home office over two thousand miles away because he can walk around and visualize the depth and dimension of a space from every angle. Here he is positioning models and giving notes during a recent shoot:

Sure, Beam empowers Ben to do his job without the inconvenience and disruption of relocation, but perhaps more selfishly, we love Beam because it enables us to be geographically limitless in recruiting the best talent, like Ben.

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