Suitable Highlights for 2012

What a year! 2012 has been exciting for Suitable. Some highlights:

  • We launched - After years of research, design, and engineering, we were finally able to show Beam to the world. The reception has been great.
  • Our first customers - Shortly after launch, we made our first sale and shipped out our first Beam RPDs. Feedback is rolling in--most of it positive as well as constructive.
  • Made extensive use of our own technology - The culture at Suitable has changed tremendously because of Beam. We've had folks move to Hawaii, spend the summer in France, travel more with their families, and make other life-changing decisions that were made possible by Beam. By the end of next year, many more companies will be experiencing the same kind of transformation. This is the future.
  • Refined our understanding of remote presence - With our use and study of Beam, and its previous iterations, we've developed a much deeper understanding of what remote presence is all about, and how to make it successful.
  • Put up some big signs
  • We're preparing for CES - While the show is technically in 2013, most of our preparation has been in this year. Remember to come see us if you're there!

With everything going on right now, 2013 is going to be even better. Look for big changes in remote presence in the coming year, and we're excited to be at the center of it.