Greetings from San Diego!

I'm writing this from beautiful San Diego, home to LEGOLand, the famous San Diego Zoo, and miles of sunny coastline. But I'm also still at work, through the magic of Beam. My family was planning a vacation, but I couldn't leave work because, well, we're busy making Beams. But as long as I have access to a good Internet connection, I can work anywhere. So while they're off at the zoo in the morning, I'm working in Palo Alto. When they get back in the afternoon, I can head into town or to the beach, then check out some of the great local options for dinner.

It's not the same as being fully on vacation, but it's far better than not going at all. What's more, now you can take more trips, and not be limited by things like vacation allowances or needing to be in the office. This is definitely the trend at Suitable, where more and more of us are taking advantage of Beam to take otherwise-impractical trips to places like Maui, Slovenia, France, Lake Tahoe, and others.

Remote Presence isn't just about making work better, it's about making life better.

Josh Tyler, Director SW Eng