Beaming Home for the Holidays

This year, some people we know will be able to join their loved ones for the holidays in a way that was never before possible: By Beaming. When you can't be there in person, this really is the next best thing. It's much more than just a phone call or even Skype or FaceTime:

  • Be with the family at the dinner table
  • Sit around the tree or fireplace
  • See the pile of presents from all sides
  • Play charades or other party games
  • Drop in any time you like

We're not suggesting that you Beam there instead of physically being there, if it's possible. But many of us have more than one place we'd like to be for the holidays (do you go to the in-laws' or not?), or simply can't afford to travel as far or as often as we prefer, and Beam makes this possible.

And this holiday season, for the person who has everything, might we suggest the gift of Beam Remote Presence...