From Dallas to California: How Beam remote presence has changed one person’s life forever

Suitable Technologies electrical engineer Dallas Goecker A few years ago, Suitable Technologies electrical engineer Dallas Goecker faced a dilemma: His family was in Indiana, but his job was in California.

Until recently, the only solution was to choose one or the other, or waste huge amounts of time and money flying back and forth. Dallas chose his family. He continued to work for his California employer, Willow Garage, using teleconferencing, video chat, and other electronic communications to stay as connected as possible. Like many others working remotely, however, he felt his connection to his colleagues weakening over time. He missed informal gatherings. He was left out of unplanned meetings. People forgot to keep him in the loop.

In short, he was losing his sense of presence.

Beam has many features, but overall, what it really does for Dallas, is give him back his presence. He hangs out at his desk all day, so people can drop by with questions. He follows people out of a meeting room, participating in the ongoing discussion. He goes to find people so they can talk in person. He takes part in casual conversations. He sees things from all angles, not just from a camera mounted on a wall or computer.

As Dallas says, “Living in Indiana and working in Silicon Valley via Beam isn't just the best of both worlds, it is both worlds.”

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