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Beam is redefining face-to-face interaction and building a new market. We’re looking for creative, collaborative, and entrepreneurial talent to join our team. We have funding, competitive compensation and benefits, and strive to provide a creative, fun, and collaborative work environment.

Perks. More than just competitive compensation, we cater lunch daily, stock a full fridge, and offer plenty of foosball competition. We provide top-of-the-line development hardware, adjustable and treadmill desks, and will work with you to get your workspace just right.

We’re Looking! Are you a great engineer, tester, or designer? We need your help with coding C++, audio and video software and codecs, web frontend and backend, UI/UX design, electrical, and networking. For someone with experience in web or mobile, this could be a unique opportunity to work on something a little different.

Don't see yourself in the list? Drop us a line with your resume, LinkedIn, or personal website and a cover letter of 140 characters or less.

Not Local to Palo Alto? No sweat! With Beam, we're the best place to work remotely. Just ask any one of our employees that Beam in daily from around the world, from Detroit to Romania.