Beam+ is ideal for those who travel regularly for business or live miles away from family members that need you. Beam in to remind parents about medications or check on the kids’ after-school homework and snacks.


Battery provides up to 2 hours of call time


10-inch LCD flat-panel screen

Built-in Cameras

Two 640x480 HDR cameras, with 30 frames-per-second video


4-microphone array with high-quality sound


Your Beam+ connects connects on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz (recommended) WiFi networks. To learn more about networks, see our video

Power Outlet

The dock uses standard 120V and 240V outlets

How Beam+ Works

The Beam+ is Comprised of three major components, plus your network.

The Beam+ System

Beam+ is your remote physical presence. You can use it to drive around and interact with people. Just roll Beam+ up to the table and join your kids for dinner or visit with your aging parents.

The Beam+ Dock

When you’re ready to charge your Beam+, simply drive it onto the dock and plug it into a standard outlet. A green LED shows that the Beam+ is charging. You can continue to operate the Beam+ while it's on the dock.

The Beam App

The Beam App connects you to all of your Beams wherever they are. Use it to call into and drive any Beam around. Steering is easy with our intuitive interface, and simple controls: Use your mouse, keyboard, or Xbox™ controller to drive. For an immersive experience, use the full screen option.
The Beam App is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X 10.7+. Updates are free and automatic, so you'll always have the newest features.
For the best results, you'll need:

  • A computer with a 2Ghz Intel i3 or better processor, with at least 2GB of RAM, running Windows 7+ or OS X 10.7 and higher
  • A broadband Internet Connection ( 1 Mbps up/down minimum, 3 Mbps up/down recommended*) *A direct wired connection is best
  • Wired mouse with scroll wheel
  • Wired keyboard
  • A high-quality HD webcam (we recommend the Logitech C920)
  • A high quality dedicated microphone

For a detailed list of requirements please see our Requirements Guide.

Your Network

You will also need to provide a WiFi network for BeamPro to operate on.
For more information, please review our Network Admin Guide.

"It's great getting to easily attend meetings without coordination from people on both ends. As a remotely based employee, having a "physical" presence in the room for meetings and being able to "drop by" coworkers desks when I have a question has vastly improved my ability to be effective remotely."

"I absolutely love my Beam+. On late work nights, it allows me to Beam in and see my kiddos before they head off to practice or bed. Perfect product, I would recommend Beam to anyone!"

"It is incredible to be able to visit my kids when I am at work. I have beamed in to break up fights, wake my teenager and make sure they are not watching TV."

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