Our Story

Beam began as a response to our own frustrations with working remotely. Despite the variety of existing technologies like email, chat, and videoconferencing, we found that our remote team members felt isolated, things got lost in translation, and calling multiple meetings for daily work was disruptive.

Then it hit us: What if our distributed team could just be together? Collaboration would be so much easier, and our team would be much more efficient and culturally cohesive. We thought if we felt this pain, surely others were feeling it too. Inspired, we imagined what an effortless solution would look like, and set to work creating Beam.


Scott Hassan

President / CEO

Scott Hassan created Suitable Technologies with the goal of redefining presence, by giving people the power to choose when and where to be present, regardless of geographic location. Prior to Suitable, Scott founded Willow Garage, combining his belief in open source technology and his passion for bringing robotics into everyday life.

Scott has been a driving force behind some of the most influential Internet companies and projects. He was the founder of eGroups (now Yahoo! Groups) and was the key software architect and developer of Google, Alexa Internet and the Stanford Digital Library. Scott invests in start-ups that aim to make fundamental quality of life improvements for citizens around the world.

Bo Preising

Chief Strategy & Product Officer, SVP Engineering

Bo Preising oversees all product development and operations at Suitable Technologies. Bo has more than 20 years experience helping to build and grow successful technology and life science businesses. He is responsible for setting and executing the company's product strategy. Previously, he was the COO of Curexo Technology Corporation, maker of one of the first robotic surgery systems also known as RoboDoc.

He was also the COO for Consumer Genetics and has held executive positions in sales, marketing, business and product development with Technology Ventures Corp., DataSweep, WorkCard, OUR Scientific International, LifeChart.com, and Accuray. Bo was a postdoctoral researcher in mechanical engineering at the University of California at Davis, where he also received his Ph.D. and M.S. in biomedical engineering. He received his B.S. in bioengineering from UC San Diego.

Milan Bhalala

VP, Operations/Support

Milan Bhalala leads the overall supply chain, manufacturing, and support functions for Suitable Technologies.

Milan joined Suitable from Realization Technologies where he led multi-million dollar client engagements at multi-national companies such as GE, Siemens, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, NASA and ABB. Previously, he was the Business Manager for the Enterprise Software and Services division at Applied Materials. Milan was also co-founder and Vice President of Marketing at Atma Software, which is now part of Oracle. Milan received his M.B.A. from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University and his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona.

Tom Wyatt

VP, Sales

Tom Wyatt is responsible for the sales and marketing efforts at Suitable Technologies.

He joined the company after 25 years as a successful sales/marketing leader at tech and medical diagnostic companies. A veteran of start-ups launching disruptive technologies, Tom understands the passion and drive necessary to introduce new capabilities to the market that challenge existing processes. He previously was Global Sales Director at Alere and held VP of Sales positions at i-STAT and Epocal. Tom holds a B.S. in Business Administration/Marketing from San Jose State University.